Idaho's Kellog High School Bans Travis Lohr From Graduation For Speaking the Truth

Idaho’s Kellogg High Bans Travis Lohr From Graduation For Speaking the Truth

This last Thursday, Kellogg High School principal Dan Davidian called Travis Lohr, a senior at Kellogg High to inform him that he would not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies.

His crime? He participated in a school-approved event where graduating seniors are asked to give advice to the rest of the student body, and in Lohr’s remarks, he spoke a true statement. “Guys are guys, and girls are girls. There is no in between.”

Never mind that Travis was asked to share his personal views by the school. Never mind that his First Amendment rights absolutely give him the right to say what we he said. Never mind that what he said was, and remains true.

The students at Kellogg High cheered Travis’ statement. After he was punished, they held a walkout in protest, and local school bus driver Dakota Mailloux attended in support and was summarily fired.

The protest grew to the point that the principal made the call late Thursday morning to cancel classes for the remainder of the day, and then later postponed graduation because of “outside groups and agitators.”

Let’s be clear — we here at the Gadsden Revolutio are 100% that had a senior said “Live your truth. Trans rights are human rights!”, no action would have been taken against that senior. The issue here, plainly, is that Travis had the audacity to counter the approved narrative and speak the truth.

Listen to Travis tell his side of the story above, then go to GiveSendGo and help create a graduation gift that shows Travis your support. It also wouldn’t hurt to call Kellogg High and let them know what you think about their decision to violate Travis’ free speech rights — respectfully, calmly & without threat.

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