Putting Illegal Immigration Into Perspective

“Encounters” between the US Customs & Border Patrol and illegal immigrants jumped 37% in fiscal year 2022, from 1.7 million encounters in 2021 to 2.4 million encounters in 2022. Data through March of fiscal year 2023 shows a 10% increase year over year.

When you consider that the entire metro area of Portland, Oregon has 2.2 million people living in it, attempts to cross the border effectively create a new metropolis in America each year.

The economic realities are staggering. 68% of migrants are single adults. Another 27% are families. The remaining 5% are unaccompanied minors. Each of these need housing. The US builds roughly 1.4 million new homes each year, hardly enough to meet the demand of incoming migrants, let alone the natural population growth within the United States itself.

Quite literally, the homelessness crisis is a direct consequence of illegal immigration, as US citizens compete with incoming migrants for the housing supply, both new and recently vacated. Housing should be prioritized for US citizens first, but the reality is that those who have migrated illegally into the US also need a place to stay.

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But let’s put this issue into a different perspective. Title 42, created to protect US citizens from an influx of COVID-carrying migrants, denied asylum in to over 2.3 million southern migrants. Since the end of Title 42, border crossings have surged to over 10,000 per day. If that statistic holds, for the first time the number of border crossings will match the US birth rate head for head.

This has tremendous policy and cultural implications for the United States. When the naturalized births are overwhelmed by inbound migration (legal and illegal), the very nature and shape of the country will change.

We must elect officials that will prioritize putting an end to our porous southern border, or the economic and social challenges we face today will be nothing compared to what is coming.


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