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  • Clayton Kershaw Gets It.  The Dodgers Don’t.

    Clayton Kershaw Gets It. The Dodgers Don’t.

    The Sisters of Perpetual Perversion (let’s call it like it is) is an organization of gay and transgender protestors who openly mock the Catholic faith and leverage its iconography in their celebration of their sin. I’m not a fan of “pride” events in the first place, but the sisters take it far beyond simple pride, and make a mockery of the faith of others. They have no shame, and they (should) have no place at a family entertainment venue like a MLB game. Let’s be clear. Just like with beer, or big box stores, politics has no place in baseball. It’s the national pasttime, not a forum to indulge perversion in front of attending families. The Dodgers would have been much wiser to have never invited the sisters in the first place.