Tucker Carlson's first broadcast on Twitter after leaving Fox News

Tucker’s Back! What It Means For The Larger Conservative Movement

He’s baaaack, baby, and better than ever! Tucker Carlson gave his first ever Twitter broadcast aptly named “Tucker on Twitter,” and boy what a doozy. Forget what he said, it was great, and you can watch it down below.

As of the writing of this article, the episode had nearly 51 million views, with nearly half a million likes. The comment threads are blowing up. To put this in perspective, Fox News had 2.1 million viewers in prime time in March, with MSNBC at 1.14 million and CNN at less than 500,000.

Tucker’s numbers beat all three major cable networks combined by nearly 12x.

First off, let’s point out that Twitter is an entirely different space than it was six months ago. Can you imagine Tucker premiering on Twitter before the Elon takeover? Not a chance. That alone is great news for conservatives — we finally have a platform that allows us to speak. Elon’s not necessarily a died-in-the-wool conservative, but he’s avidly supporting our right to participate in the national conversation. What a win.

But consider what this really means. Moderate platforms like Fox News are losing. Bud Light is shedding value. So is Target. Nike is next on the chopping block with their transgender wokeness recently coming to light.

Not only that, but the viewership that Tucker is bringing in can’t help but be noticed by advertisers. Imagine all the lefty social police attempting to convince a Nike or Intel to stop advertising on Twitter. With the kind of numbers Tucker is putting up, they can’t afford to take that chance, especially after Budweiser and Target are living examples of what it means to face down the right.

For the first time in a long time, conservatives are refusing to allow the left to silence them, and they’re putting their money behind what they’re saying, and it’s having a true impact. Tucker’s return taps into that hardened determination, and if his numbers hold, it means a sea change in how we consume media and have a discussion within our nation.

That can only be a good thing.

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