AI Takes Leftist Censorship To A New Level

Artificial intelligence engines are all the rage — ask any marketing agency what they’re focused on today, and they’ll talk about using AI to generate email marketing content, or AI-generated images for ad campaigns. Online goods are using AI to generate images for coffee mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers and a host of additional online goods that they can generate and sell quickly. It’s literally the new gold rush, and everyone is participating.

Of course, with all the focus on AI-generated content, there’s also the question of whether the content being produced has value, and when subjective questions of value intersect with Silicon Valley, the tech world’s obsession with leftist dogma starts to show up.

Consider a recent experiment performed by The Gadsden Revolution. We were able to ask Dall-E (Chat GPT’s engine for image generation) to generate a picture of Ronald Reagan and Ben Franklin — no problem.

Historical figures get no push-back. There are reasonable limits as to why you might not want active political figures to be generated — no one wants false pictures of Trump or Biden being used to represent falsehoods. However, that’s not the issue.

Consider this experiment. Ask Dall-E to generate “a trans man protesting in front of city hall, and it generates content without question. The quality of the content created might be questionable, but Dall-E had no problem generating four different images in our experiment.

However, ask Dall-E to other images, and you get a very different result. “It looks like this request may not follow our content policy,” a polite message reads. Prompts such as “a picture of a pro-life politician protesting in front of an abortion clinic” will get that error message. So to will “a silhouette of an AR-15.”

As is true of Facebook, which actively moderates away content it deems “inappropriate,” Dall-E (and other AI platforms) politely but firmly refuse to create content of a conservative nature, but willingly cooperate in creating content that adheres to leftist dogma.

It’s a double standard, and it’s grossly unfair. Beyond simply silencing “undesirable” speech, it prevents whole sections of the economy from participating and benefitting from the commercial opportunities that come with new AI-based technologies.

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As we move into the next election cycle, sites like The Gadsden Revolution will not only be prohibited from creating content with AI-based tools, but Facebook & Google will refuse to allow us to sell content of a conservative nature (t-shirts and the like) on the grounds that we’re attempting to “influence” the 2024 election. Twitter will continue to teeter back and forth between censorship and limited approval of conservative messages. Never mind that pro-choice messaging, pro-LBGSALAD ads and the like will continue to run, because those aren’t “political” in nature.

This has real consequences for the election. Sites like The Gadsden Revolution, The Federalist, and other conservative sites depend on advertising revenue and merchandise sales to sustain their business. Reducing their opportunity during an election cycle not only risks putting them out of business, but also reduces the funds they have available to spread conservative messages while the US citizenry is in the throes of deciding how the country should be governed. This is censorship at its worst, and should be loudly derided until this blatant preference for leftist content is ended.





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