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Lincoln Had It Right – Anchored Language Matters

Just before the Civil War began, a Wisconsin newspaper published a conversation between then-President Abraham Lincoln and a group of religious abolitionists. They were pressing Lincoln to sign what would soon become the Emancipation Proclamation, and Lincoln — while wanting to set the slaves free — saw a problem.

From the paper: The committee has returned, and on Saturday evening made a report of their interview with the Prsident to a second meeting of “the religious community” assembled for that purpose. What the President said, one of the delegates told the meeting as follows:

On pressing the policy of emancipation upon the President we received this reply “You remember the slave who asked his master, ‘If I should call a sheep’s tail a leg, how many legs would it have?’

‘Five.’ ‘No, only four; for my calling the tail a leg would not make it so.’ “Now, gentlemen, if I say to the slaves, ‘you are free,’ they will be no more free than at present.”

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Lincoln had no issue with freeing the slaves, but he wasn’t about to sign them into freedom knowing that his signature on the Emancipation was nothing but ink on paper — it had no strength to force the South to honor it. The words were there, but they weren’t anchored in reality.

We face a similar challenge today. The words that the left has imposed on society have no meaning. On one hand, they state that a man should have no say on the issue of abortion, because they’re not a woman, they can’t know the issue because it doesn’t impact them.

At the same time, they insist that grown men, who have only experienced life as a man, and have no concept of what it means to live as a woman, can suddenly declare that the indeed are a woman, and have always been one. The result is to hollow out the definition of woman altogether, reducing it to a shell. The word no longer has power, because it’s not anchored in any observable or concrete reality. It simply means whatever anyone wants it to mean.

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There is a classic math paradox where with some clever manipulation, you can prove that one equals two. But if that’s the case, then one also equals three, becaure 1 + 1 is the same as 1 + 2, which is three. Following that to its conclusion, one is suddenly equal to everything, and numbers become meaningless.

Thankfully for mathematics, the error is easily proven, and reality is quickly re-established, but having been a math teacher for years, watching algebra students panic as they try to find the error is amusing. Unfortunately, the error is just as known in the transgender debate, but the “class” refuses to panic and instead embraces the lunacy.

Let’s be perfectly clear. A man can declare himself to be a woman all he likes, but his “tail” gives him away, and he has no legs to stand on. Thank you, Abe.

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