New Products At The Gadsden Revolution

The election season is upon us, and this has tremendous implications for conservative blog owners as Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants shut down the ability to promote products that are political in nature. Quite literally, revenue falls off a cliff for conservative blogs who sell product to support their business. However, the same is not true for sites that sell products on the left.

Issues like abortion, pro-family initiatives, the Second Amendment — these all become forbidden under “dangerous themes” during election cycles (and in some cases, yearlong). However, transgender rights, LBGSALAD, pro-choice themes — these are all considered “mainstream” and “protected speech” and are generally still allowed.

The net effect is a de-facto muzzle around conservative thought as the revenue needed to support these channels diminishes. The only way we survive as content producers is thru membership sales and merchandising that occurs via mouth-to-mouth networking. Your support is essential to our survival.

That’s why the Gadsden Revolution is actively designing and producing multiple products daily and featuring them on our store. We’ve got quotes from Reagan, from Lincoln expressed artfully on coffee mugs & tumblers. We’ve got Trump-inspired pint glasses, perfect for drinks with friends. We’ve got beautiful, historically-themed art pieces perfect for a man cave, homeschool nook or home office.

Please consider supporting conservative bloggers and producers over the next two years. It’s essential that we get the word out, and our work allows you to share what we produce with others and spread the word as well.

2024 is counting on you!





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