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OFF TARGET: $15 Billion In Losses Later, Target Still Thinks It Should Pander to LGBQT Groups

Let’s not bury the lede. After losing $15 billion in value over the last few weeks, Target still thinks the right call is to pander to leftist groups who favor LGBQT advocacy. The absolute lunacy to think that a fraction of the US population is accounting for the slide is the ultimate in hubris, and is only going to make things worse for the big box chain.

Look, we get it. Target has customers on both sides of the aisle. They should have never picked a side in the first place, but they did, and they did it prominently. From personal experience, I recently went to Target to purchase a gift for my wife for Mother’s Day. They were the only shop that had exactly what I was looking for — I don’t normally shop there to begin with because of their historical advocacy for leftist causes.

However, I was taken aback when I went in at just how much they’ve moved to the left. A huge pride display was installed right at the main entrance, and the signs advertising the difference store sections all had trans and/or gay representation. The “girls” in the women’s signage were so androgenous and non-specific to age that I couldn’t tell whether I was in the womens’ section or girl’s clothing. Same with the men. I left, gift unpurchased, and bought something else.

Target took a side, and in dramatic fashion, and now they’ve reaped the whirlwind. Pro-family shoppers aren’t going to shop there now, period, and they’re not coming back any time soon.

So Target did what they had to do. The pride displays were moved to the back of the store, which mollified the right a little bit, but infuriated the left, who now ALSO are refusing to shop there.

By taking a side, and then attempting to ride the fence, Target has now made everyone angry. Their answer? More pandering to the left. That’s not going to solve their problem, given that the majority of their lost sales are from users who don’t want to have these issues shoved down their throats every time they visit Target. Target’s doubling down, and the result is going to be even less revenue, not more.

Perhaps they can make up the revenue by selling Dodger tickets and lots of Bud Light. At this point, that’s about the only option they have, unless they want to actually apologize to their customers and abandon their leftist ways.





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