government in bed with corporate media and the LGBQT agenda

The Incestuous Menage: Government, Corporate America & LGBQT

Imagine for a moment that you are the CEO of Budweiser, the 120th largest company in the world. You’ve just shed $27 BILLION dollars in market value after promoting transgenderism. What would you do? Would you a) immediately put a halt to all LGBQT initiaves to stave off collapse, or would you b) double down and sponsor a “family friendly” gay pride event, including a drag queen story time for the kiddos?

In a sane world, the answer is obvious, but we do not live in a sane world. There is an undeniably corrupt alliance forming that looks to do to corporate America what the left did to healthcare, education and the government sectory — a complete takeover.

Budweiser chose to go with the drag queens. The why behind that decision takes a bit of digging, but becomes clear when you look at the evidence. He’s the basic rundown:

  • It starts with leftist governors leveraging their pension funds, worth billions, to force major capital management firms like Blackrock and Vanguard to adopt the woke ESG (environmental & social governance) model that the left promotes.
  • The management firms take control of hundreds of billions of dollars in state pension funds, making billions themselves in commissions.
  • In turn, they purchase massive investments in Fortune 500 corporations, and then leverage those investments to force the board to adopt insane strategies that enrage Americans and drive their stock price down.
  • Now with a lower stock price, the management firm swoops in and completes its takeover of the company, and installs agents who will continue to force woke initiatives down the throats of everyday Americans, despite continued losses.
  • When the companies finally go under, the management firms acquire the remaining assets at pennies on the dollar. American jobs disappear, and the management firms then take their windfall and donate heavily via Super PACs to the leftist candidates that started the whole thing off.

Consider Blackrock as a perfect example. Blackrock controls California’s CalSTRS pension fund, worth a whopping $311.1 billion dollars. Blackrock also recently began purchasing shares in — you guessed it — Target and Budweiser.

Clearly, BlackRock’s investment in Target has been going for multiple years, but you can imagine the clout of an investory walking into a boardroom and threatening to drop 500,000 shares on the open market. That’s tremendous leverage, and they’re using it.

So there you have it. Leftist governors and politicians get elected when they make their constituents happy, especially noisy LGBQT interest groups. Those governors then leverage their control over billions of dollars to literally buy corporate America and ensure that the kickbacks and donations keep them in office forever.

Every wonder how someone on a government salary retires with millions. Well, now you know.

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